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FORCE! an opera in 3 acts | dark blue stitches hand made
FORCE! an opera in 3 acts | dark blue stitches hand made

FORCE! an opera in 3 acts is seeking a 

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FORCE! an opera in 3 acts | dark blue stitches hand made
FORCE! an opera in 3 acts | dark blue stitches hand made

FORCE! an opera in 3 acts

FORCE! an opera in three acts is a meditationon Black femme waiting, following a group trying to enter a prison and escape a memory-erasing mold. FORCE! is a sprawling surrealist opera blending the sounds of gospel, folk, pop, and contemporary experimental jazz, and is made with a majority Black, femme, and queer cast. 

Throughout 2023, FORCE! will participate in several rehearsal residencies which will take place both in Chicago and elsewhere. Beginning in late 2023, FORCE! will premiere live and continue to tour through 2025.

FORCE! an opera in three acts

The Role:

This role will include coordinating a national tour for a cast of over 12 people; liaising with tour presenters; maintaining accounts for the entire cast (including contracts, tax forms, etc.); and wrangling artists for rehearsals, residencies, and performances. Familiarity with working with large budgets is a must. Any amount of experience with grant management is a major plus.

The ideal applicant should have strong communication and interpersonal skills, and be able to respond to emails from cast members, directors, presenters, and others quickly and efficiently. Applicants from outside the world of opera are welcomed and encouraged -- the FORCE! teams pulls from danceland, touring bandland, theater land, and more. Queer folks and Black and indigenous people and people of color are very strongly encouraged to apply. Applicants who do not identify as BIPOC must show evidence of previous experience working with majority BIPOC teams. As FORCE! is a diverse team of artists who are fundamentally working toward a world free of prisons and police, it is especially important that applicants have good boundaries, and are practiced in knowing when to say "no" and when to ask for help.

Applicant does not need to be based in Chicago, as this is a primarily virtual role.

The Time Commitment:

This is a part-time position, to start immediately, with hours per week fluctuating on average between 5 to 10 (with an unlikely cap of 15 hours per week). A successful applicant will be asked to step into the role for a two-month trial period, at which point the Production Manager and Co-Directors will assess whether and how to continue. As a general timeline: FORCE! will be in development (mostly in Chicago) through 2023. Beginning in late 2023 through 2025, FORCE! will be on tour.

The Pay:

Pay for a two-month trial period will be $1,500 flat fee. After that, if it's decided that the PM should continue on, contracts will be negotiated at a higher rate.

All Other Details:

The PM will report directly to Anna Martine Whitehead (creator and co-director of FORCE!), and will, during the trial period, work with an assistant. If interested, please email Martine, along with the names and contacts of two recommenders and a complete CV, at

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